Art residency «Nickel»

Nickel, Murmansk Oblast

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Art residency “Nickel”

The Art Residency “Polar Night 2018” will take place from December 1th to December 16th.

Application must be completed before October 31st. Applications are reviewed and selected by the board of experts before November 10th 2018.

Both individual and group applications are accepted.

Projects connected with the life of the town and its environment will be prioritized. This will help the local people see their lives from a new standpoint, and therefore will allow for new ideas and social initiatives to arise. Renovation of public spaces, integration of pieces of modern art on the streets, new objects of the city infrastructure could potentially become one of the consequences of the Art Residency.

Address: Sidorovicha Str. 4, Nikel, Murmansk Oblast, 184420, Russia

Tel.: +7 (902) 132-69-98 (Nikel), +7 (926) 150-84-55 (Moscow)


The northernmost Russian art residency is situated beyond the Arctic Circle, in Nikel (Murmansk Oblast), in the Northern part of the Kola Peninsula by the Russian-Norwegian border.

Twice a year, each summer and winter, the residency will be welcoming artists to live and create there for two weeks. Depending on the season, the shifts are called either “Polar Day” or “Polar Night”. Each group has a curator or an artist as their leader, a prominent figure in the art world. The final result of the artists’ work could be an art-object, exhibition, presentation, a workshop or a theatrical project. Ivan Lungin, a Moscow artist, will be the curator of the “Polar Day 2018” shift of the art residency. His works are exhibited in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Alberto Sandretti Foundation in Milan.

The Art Residency offers to cover the following spendings of residents:

  • The cost of living in Nikel during the time they work on their projects;
  • Residents’ food costs during the time they work on their projects (700 rubles per day);
  • The cumulative cost of commuting to the Art Residency;
  • Art supplies needed for the realization of a project.
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