Art residency «Nickel»

Nickel, Murmansk Oblast

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Places to visit

Kola super-deep well

Kola super-deep well was started in honor of 100 years since the birth of Lenin, in 1970, 40 kilometers to the East from Nikel, on the territory of the Baltic Shield. The drilling there stopped in 1992. In summer, the Kola super-deep well’s architectural infrastructure can be observed, you can learn about the legendary well and make unforgettable photos.


Kirkenes is a small town in the North-West of Norway, very close to the national borders with Finland and Russia, which makes it a popular tourist destination for the tourists from the neighboring countries. Many beautiful lakes and islands, fiords and mountains are located nearby. Kirkenes offers the opportunity to get acquainted with both Norwegian and Sami history and culture. What is more, the town is rightfully regarded as the “Russian capital in Norway” as it has the largest ratio of Russian population in Norway (about 15%).

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